ERP Solution
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CBOS ERP System for Iconic LED

Cloud ERP Software Solution for Iconic LED

The word is out about LED, and particularly Iconic LED, and as a result, business is booming. The lighting alternative saves energy, requires less maintenance and offers better light quality/color than traditional options. As a result of this explosion in interest, Lafayette, Louisiana-based Iconic LED sought out CentralBOS (CBOS) to help the company more seamlessly and efficiently meet demand. After all, it only makes sense that a company that prides and promotes itself on efficient products be as efficient as possible, itself.

The Challenges

Like many other small to medium-sized businesses, Iconic LED was using standard accounting software to manage quotes, invoicing and related processes. As business grew, the software’s basic functionality fell short, and it became clear that upgrading to cloud-based ERP technology would be necessary to truly achieve next level success. “We needed to be able to track, in real time, where a given order was in process, from sales, to the warehouse to shipping status,” says Iconic LED’s chief operating officer Lisa Reynolds. “Accounts receivable wasn’t flowing, and there was really no way to know what was going on with orders without printing a ticket and walking to the warehouse to confirm,” she says. “We were dealing with paper and that’s never good.”

Keeping accurate inventory was also a hassle using the other system. “We have thousands of SKUs due to the tediousness of our part,” stated Reynolds, noting that the previous software often inappropriately filed warranty/returned goods inventory with the general goods.

The Results

The CBOS system has had both broad and targeted impact on Iconic LED’s bottom line in just one year’s time. Above all else, the company needed an ERP that would deliver real-time tracking in all areas of the process, including sales, queue, shipping and invoicing. Thanks to CBOS, Iconic LED now has that functionality. “At any time, we can pull up an order and discover where it is in the process, what’s been done with it and who has touched it,” Reynolds notes. “That’s invaluable time and effort-saving information.”

Inventory has also become far more transparent and accurate thanks to the ERP’s built-in process for fixing inventory count and appropriately filing each item based on usability status (warranty, broken, regular stock, etc.). “Any slight variation in our current inventory is due to normal human error now, rather than misallocation by the software,” Reynolds says. “This means our customers get what we promise them, rather than being disappointed that an item isn’t in stock, after all.”

The most dramatic shift, however, involves the accounts receivable department. Only one year after implementing the CBOS product, Iconic LED is getting paid accurately and on time for services rendered, simply because their invoicing system has become vastly more efficient. “Any outstanding invoice we currently have is carryover from the previous program,” Reynolds says. “Invoices are going out properly and correctly on the first go-around, prompting customers to return payment in like manner. One year later I can say overall that our investment in the CBOS cloud ERP system was hands down worth our money and the effort put in. We have no regrets, only praise.”

Why Choose CBOS Cloud ERP System?

IconicLED did their due diligence when searching for ERP technology. So, what made CBOS stand out from the pack? “The capabilities of the CentralBOSBOS product were robust compared with other products we looked at. There were things missing from other programs that we definitely need,” Reynolds explains. “The pricing also fit into our budget, particularly when held up against competing products with similar attributes.”

Reynolds also appreciated the high level of support Iconic LED received during the transition process. “A lot of places don’t help you tailor the process to your business unless you pay significant implementation and support fees,” she says, noting that CentralBOSBOS support staff was on hand to work out any kinks and customize the product as needed. “Plus, they’re making it easier and more user-friendly all the time, and there are always upgrades.”

At the end of the day, this high-tech product delivers old-fashioned customer service at a fair price. “Any new technology is going to come with a learning curve, but finding a product and company that will support you through all that is something special,” she says. “That’s a big deal to me.”

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