Cloud ERP for Warehouse Managers

ERP Solutions for Warehouse Managers

For Warehouse Managers, success is a logistical target. Responsible for inventory receipts and shipments, and for maintaining satisfactory inventory levels, these team members have complete supervision of products, locations, and staff members. They keep warehouse conditions and products secure, staff safe, and financials healthy. In addition, they’re likely tasked to ensure compliance with and enforcement of company and regulatory requirements ranging from personnel management to material handling and shipping.

The robust CBOS platform integrates key operations to equip warehouse managers to maintain control of logistics across multiple locations. The solution centralizes all inventory and ordering data of the entire business within flexible, mobile dashboards to for real-time insight and greater control of the flow of products in and out of your business. Simply put, it's the best ERP for warehouse managers.

CBOS Features Designed for Warehouse Managers

  • Automated shipment processes
  • Barcode confirmation for improved inventory tracking and shipment verification
  • Inventory movement between warehouses
  • Kitting feature to group, package, and supply order components as one unit
  • Measure and record product specs to allocate warehouse space
  • Omni-channel fulfillment and returns solutions
  • Pick, Pack and Ship features
  • Purchase order auto generation
  • Real-time inventory counts
  • Replenishment alerts
  • Robust carrier integration
  • Standardize pricing for all products depending on currency, vendor, customer groups, UOM

Corresponding Modules

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