Cloud ERP for Operations Managers

ERP Solutions for Operations Managers

If you produce and sell goods and services, your operations manager is keeping the business running. To do their job well, they require complete oversight of ordering, warehousing, manufacturing, inventory, and customer relationship management.

CentralBOS organizes and standardizes business processes and streamlines the flow of orders from quote to fulfillment to cash in hand, helping to sustain efficiencies and secure compliance. Sales, fulfillment, and finance are untied within the cloud-based, mobile CBOS platform helping to sustain a continuous workflow, regardless of the origin of an order or where it is received. Every entry flows through the system to ensure the speed and accuracy of sales, replenishment, and accounting.

CBOS Features Designed for Operations Managers

  • Accurate monitoring and reporting based on combined production, inventory, sales, and accounting information
  • End-to-end Quote to Cash and Purchase to Pay functions
  • Full audit trail
  • Integrated POS and back office functions
  • Manage sales orders for stocked and non-stocked items
  • Robust carrier integration
  • Set replenishment guidelines and auto‐draft purchase orders within one system

Corresponding Modules

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