Cloud ERP for CEO's and Business Owners

ERP Solutions for CEOs

Building a resilient organization means keeping every team working toward shared outcomes and every function working in harmony. Particularly for growth minded SMBs, this can be challenging. It used to be that the cost-effective approach was a compartmentalized org chart, with each department supported by its own set of solutions. Today, that model actually inhibits progress.

CentralBOS provides an all-in-one, mobile, SaaS solution you can customize to streamline and inform every process and role. Offering a modular set of back office solutions that exist in the cloud, it replaces the traditional ‘duct tape’ approach with an integrated platform that matches resources to your specific needs. By connecting every part of the business, your team members can work across departments, tapping into centralized data and perspectives that help them perform more effectively and efficiently.


CBOS Features Designed for CEOs

  • Automated: From a single point of entry, information is flowed into the centralized database, eliminating multiple key-ins, operational redundancies, and errors
  • Centralized: The all-in-one solution unifies all your departments to in a single solution
  • Cost-efficient: This is a SaaS solution and partner that will scale with you as your business evolves
  • Mobile: Gain secure access key operational data anytime from any Internet-connected device
  • Precise: Gather and employ accurate business intelligence that reflects the business and its segments
  • Secure: Reduce risk of fraud by setting user-defined roles and access
  • Standardized: Rapidly transition and train employees in the consistent, intuitive system
  • Supported: Tap into responsive customer service provided by helpful CentralBOS experts
  • Tailored: Customized dashboards house and filter key data to answer specific questions and supply actionable insights

Corresponding Modules

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