Cloud ERP Modules

A Modular Approach to Cloud Business Management

We created the CBOS platform in the cloud as a centralized, unified solution for SMBs. With the all-in-one solution, you don’t have to piece together disparate provider resources or to try to self-manage these vital functions. CRM, order and inventory management, accounting, and HR functions are treated as modules within an all-in-one SaaS platform. Customize exactly how your back office needs to work for everyone who is working for and with you.

Cloud Accounting Software

ERP accounting software performing accurate budgeting, planning, and compliance takes a dependable, scalable financial resource that is connected to every piece of your organization. This CBOS platform does this seamlessly to achieve timely and accurate reporting and gain the clearest sense of how every entity in your business is performing.

Cloud Accounting Features

Cloud CRM Software | ERP CRM

CRM software that can streamline every touch point in your sales cycle, from prospects to close. Within the CBOS CRM module, prospects are organized at every point in the pipeline. Teams gain access to centralized business intelligence through real-time dashboards. This is how to build a world-class sales organization without the headaches of a typical CRM solution.

Cloud CRM Features

Cloud HR | Cloud Payroll

The most robust web based HR software and web based payroll software available. Period. Is your HRIS system up to date and compliant with federal, state and local rules and regulations? Your best bet for answering that question in the affirmative is to turn to a dedicated team of experts who are equipped with reliable cloud based HR and payroll software. CentralBOS is that partner. Working as an extension of your HR team, we offer a wide range of services from payroll processing and tax compliance to complete HR and payroll administration. A powerful web based hr system completely integrated with accounting - real time, accurate data. Secure cloud human resources software that's available anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Cloud HR / Payroll Features

Cloud Inventory Management

Stop entering inventory numbers into multiple systems. Virtually eliminate the risk of redundancies, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies between inventory and accounting figures. Fulfill orders faster and restock more accurately. When you enter data into the secure, centralized CBOS inventory management module, it becomes a powerful resource for your team members who are working to manage multiple warehouses, rolling stock, and massive inventory lists.

Cloud Inventory Management Features

ERP for Order Management (POS)

Unite sales, fulfillment, and finance processes in a functionally rich solution that offers continuous workflow and real-time visibility into order status from a single point of order entry. The end-to-end CBOS platform simplifies and accelerates the movement of ordering, fulfillment, and invoicing. Reduce your back orders, improve customer and vendor relationships, and secure the bottom line.

Cloud Order Management Features

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