ERP Solution to Manage Business Processes

Manage Every Process from Start to Finish

Tools are only as valuable as the outcomes they produce. Equip your business processes for exponential value by centralizing data and connecting key functions across every vital point in your workflow. We created the CBOS platform in the cloud as a centralized, unified solution for SMBs. Within the all-in-one SaaS platform, every point in the process from quote to general ledger work together to generate value for the bottom line. Each one is enabled by a host of powerful modules and actionable, data-driven insight.

Quote to Cash

From the point when a prospect indicates an intent to buy to the point of revenue recognition, your Quote to Cash process engages every piece of your sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles. Within the CBOS end-to-end platform, every piece in this vital cycle is connected and useful for producing the information your teams need to improve operations and customer service.

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Purchase to Pay

Within the CBOS platform, unified modules automate every purchasing process for your goods and services. This reliable solution minimizes cost and risk by eliminating the need for manual data entry and processing. From a single entry point, the information flows to inventory and finance managers who can use it to ensure accurate data and timely payments.

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Payroll to General Ledger

If only processing payroll was as simple as writing a check. Every debit entry requires a corresponding credit entry. All payroll activity must be recorded in a journal entry, verified and posted to the general ledger. Without an integrated online process, you risk redundancies and errors. The CBOS payroll to general ledger process manages the steps for you, producing a journal entry after each completed payroll process, and maintaining a continuous record of your payroll data over time.


Check Run

Improve how this common payment method works for your business. CentralBOS expedites and simplifies the process of managing recurring vouchers, printing checks, validating payments, and maintaining payment records by moving every function into our centralized, fully connected SaaS platform. Every entry generates data that keeps your business fully informed of its accounting activities.

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Workflow Processes

Workflow processes are the fundamental building blocks of your business. The end-to-end, cloud-based, mobile CBOS platform houses and streamlines every function and data point, giving you control and approval over key operations and documents. Departments and managers gain access to the data they need to do their job and help the company grow, and you can be certain that the organization is functioning at peak efficiency.

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