All in One ERP System

Why an All-In-One ERP System?


The value of your business is not the sum of its parts – it is how well those parts work in concert. The CBOS platform was purpose-designed for the cloud to connect every resource, function, and department. It is fully integrated, secure, and mobile-friendly. For SMBs, this unified solution provides the efficiency and transparency that are vital to success in today’s connected business environment.


System Integrity


Take comfort in the security and reliability of your data. The integrated platform eliminates the need for redundant data entry and the risk of data corruption. Single data entries from each department flow into a central repository, meaning fewer files to reconcile and manage, and more efficiency.



Business happens everywhere and you can’t be tethered to your office. Because it’s cloud-based, the CBOS platform is a fully mobile way to connect with clients, partners, colleagues, resources, and real-time business intelligence through any Internet or data connected device.



The continuity of support is as important as the quality of support you get from your SaaS solution provider. CentralBOS takes pride in having qualified, accessible industry professionals dedicated to the highest standards of consistent service, counsel, and system support.

Ease of Use


If your system interface is overly complicated, your team won’t be able to use it to its fullest impact. The CBOS platform is designed with a sleek interface, flexible analytics dashboards, and consistent functionality so it can be the go-to resource for every user in your organization.

It’s Time to Harmonize

Your presence grows when your people, processes, and tools work together.

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