CentralBOS Cloud-Based ERP System for Business Management

Today's leading solution for Cloud ERP Software providing a complete real time view of your business anytime, anywhere. A low cost ERP cloud solution that's easy to upgrade as your business grows.

Modern ERP for SMBs

The CentralBOS (CBOS) Business Operating Suite helps small and mid-size businesses make better decisions in real time using integrated business intelligence. The modular approach allows you to start with what you need now and add other modules as your business needs grow. An all-in-one modular ERP solution with vast integration capabilities.

Improve customer service and productivity by connecting employees across different departments with a central SaaS platform system. Now everyone is on the same page in real-time from the front office to the warehouse with CBOS ERP for manufacturers and distributors.

CBOS Provides Business Management Advantages

ERP for Inventory Management

Inventory Management

With CBOS you can say goodbye to inventory shortages and overstock issues. Customizable workflows are tailored to your unique business needs, improving accuracy and lowering overhead, while providing real-time views. Get a complete oversight of all stock located in multiple warehouses and rolling stock.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Never get lost in data again - The CBOS ERP cloud solution provides real-time information across all departments keeping everyone informed from the warehouse to the front office. The adaptable platform integrates with accounting, CRM, financials, purchasing and inventory providing complete visibilty across the enterprise.

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Cloud ERP

Mobile Access

The CentralBOS Business Operating Suite is a secure platform available anywhere, at any time, from any device your staff uses. CBOS delivers a seamless online user experience for employees out in the field and business partners alike. All users have complete visibility of business operations anywhere they connect providing more efficient operations.

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Adaptable ERP Platform

Adaptable Platform

Today's businesses must have a flexible, fully integrated, modern ERP solution that's designed for growth. With CBOS, businesses can start with what they need today and add capabilities and users as they grow. The API integrates with other applications including crm's, eCommerce, shipping and business intelligence solutions.

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Automated ERP Workflow

Automated Workflows

Streamline your end-to-end business functions with complete control over all operations providing peak efficiency. CBOS automates every workflow including sales orders, shipping, billing, invoicing and inventory - all custom to your unique business needs. Fast, accurate information for all departments improving customer service and the bottom line.

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Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service

Research has proven that the implementing the correct ERP system for a business improves customer service. The CBOS business management system makes customer-driven business processes more effective through improved workflows and department-wide visibility. You'll improve the entire customer experience with a mobile SaaS ERP solution.

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Completely Integrated with Today's eCommerce Platforms

Cloud Security

Trusted Cloud Security

Take comfort in today's leading Enterprise Resource Planning software with the security and reliability of your data. The integrated platform eliminates the need for redundant data entry and the risk of data corruption. Single data entries from each department flow into a central repository, meaning fewer files to reconcile and manage, and more efficiency.

ERP Access Anytime, Anywhere

Stay connected to your business anytime, anywhere. As your business expands you need to make decisions quickly. CentralBOS cloud ERP makes it possible with up-to-date real time reports and analytics available to decision makers from any device.

Dedicated Support

CentralBOS takes pride in having qualified, accessible industry professionals dedicated to the highest standards of consistent service, counsel, and system support.

ERP for Sales Managers

ERP for Sales Managers

With CentralBOS sales managers have a complete ERP system with CRM that can streamline your operations and boost the bottom line. An integrated cloud platform means nothing is duplicated, all business information is shared and available in real-time. Also, CBOS integrates with your current CRM.

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ERP Solution for CFOs

ERP Solution for CFOs

The CBOS platform offers CFO's and Controllers a compliant and secure cloud-based platform with enhanced analytics, planning and modeling capabilities, and customized performance dashboards. Increase your service level and reduce costs associated with legacy systems.

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ERP for Warehouse Managers

ERP for Warehouse Managers

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it's imperitive to have a warehouse that is integrated with other departments. The CBOS cloud warehouse management module allows for real time views of inbound warehousing and outbound operations providing improved productivity.

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Another Successful ERP Implementation

Iconic LED case study

CentralBOS Lights Up Iconic LED’s Bottom Line

"The CBOS system has had both broad and targeted impact on Iconic LED’s bottom line in just one year’s time. Above all else, the company needed an ERP that would deliver real-time tracking in all areas of the process, including sales, queue, shipping and invoicing. Thanks to CBOS, Iconic LED now has that functionality." - Lisa Reynolds, COO

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What Our Customers Say

Iconic LED“With CentralBOS, we finally had a program in a price point we could afford as a small growing business and that offered the functionality we needed. CentralBOS has given us all of the features we needed and more.”
Testimonial from Lisa Reynolds, COO, Iconic LED
Iconic LED
Lisa Reynolds, COO
Stik Boats“CentralBOS’ client services manager did a great job training us and being available. He was very proactive and prompt with remedies for any glitches or special needs that we encountered.”
Testimonial form Matt Evans, Vice President, Stik Boats
Stik Boats
Matt Evans, Vice President
ConVergence“CentralBOS affords us an economical and easy way to move into an enterprise-wide solution that seamlessly automates business operations across all three of our units, and gives us a high level of control, efficiency, and productivity.”  
Testimonial from Marc Kruer, President/CEO, ConVergence
Marc Kruer, President/CEO

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